STARSYSTEM is the world leader in scouting models and managing international careers. We focus our efforts in identifying and developing aspiring models who have that very special X-factor that can make them stars. Our concept, developed by John Casablancas who founded STARSYSTEM in 2009, is based on providing models and agencies with unparalleled top-notch service. Our ultimate goal is to discover and groom the new generation of top models.


STARSYSTEM's goal is to build long term careers according to an agreed-upon plan. Unlike most other mother management agencies, our staff have worked at top agencies in New York and Paris and understand how to properly curate image for public relations and social media presence. STARSYSTEM's strong agents are not only ideal for new talent entering the fashion industry, but are known to re-establish already-working models who need a renewed career direction.


A strong development is critical to a model’s career. We teach models from the very beginning; we share our knowledge / expertise, advise and develop professional portfolios by organizing photo tests with talented young photographers and magazine editorials. We explain what is being professional or having a positive attitude, help them work on their body and take care of their skin, teach them about style, and support them when their spirit is low.


Scouting is our strength and the heart of the modeling business. Based on John Casablancas’ 30 years experience at Elite, our youthful, trained and enthusiastic team scouts through a diversity and multiplicity of sources to discover tomorrow’s top models and to provide leading model agencies with a steady flow of quality “new faces” from all over the world.


STARSYSTEM has numerous offices located in Europe, the Americas and Australia and continues to expand. Our eyes are everywhere!


Some of the successful models we scouted, launched their careers and/or we manage today : Londone Myers (The Lions/Oui), Liza Ostanina (Next), Sonya Gorelova (Elite World/Society), Shaughnessy Brown (NY Models/Women), Anabel Krasnotvetova (Next/Marilyn), Eva Berzina (Women), Lais Ribeiro (Women), Ieva Laguna (Supreme), Cate Underwood (The Lions/IMG), Marina Nery (IMG), Anya Lyagoshina (Elite World/The Society), and some great up & coming faces such as Eva Varlamova (IMG), Sasha Belyaeva (Elite NY/Women), Dasha Kulikova (IMG), Jesse Stewart, Nastya Gonchar or Yulia Rose (Elite NY).